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Research Methods Reflection

In this blog we have to write about our whole journey in research methods subject. My whole journey was very good as I feel that research methods is a very interesting subject based on researches. Moreover, we have got such an experienced tutor that is Lars Dam. He is very good in explaining about each and every concept. This subject was completely new for me and for my classmates. In the beginning, I was very tensed about this subject. But as the time goes on I felt that the subject is very interesting. He is very supportive and is open with this us so that we can share all our views with him. In the last, I would like to say that this subject is very good and interesting.



You find some good images on the web that would look good on your site. You copy and paste them to your blog.

In my point of view, if we find someone good on any site then we should not copy and paste those contents which donot have copyright and which are not open to public. That would be unethical. If someone want to copy then one should mention the copyright source properly from the website which has access to all. That would be ethical.

You are in a hurry to finish an assignment and you find the perfect explanation of a difficult concept on wikipedia. You decide to copy it into your work.

I think wikipedia is not a perfect destination to look into to find a useful and correct information. Anybody can upload and edit the content in wikipedia. Even if we are in a hurry we should do the things and attempts that would not push anybody in trouble. If we want to search for any useful and credible content then I would prefer that google scholar is the best way.

You are a medical researcher and you think you have discovered a new drug that cures lung cancer.  It worked well on mice although a few of them died of heart problems. You want to test it on people.  You recruit 100 lung cancer patients into your treatment programme. You don’t tell them about the new drug.  You treat 50 patients with usual drugs and 50 with the new drug to see which is better.

As it is mentioned that the drug did not worked well then how can we treat it on patients without the consultation of a well-renowned doctor and without telling the patient about it. But in some cases we can use these drug if a person is in sinking situation in which a person is not responding to any medicine, then in that stage it can help a person to get out of that stage.

You are doing your PhD about drug abuse among students.  You interview 30 students about their drug use. You discover that one of the students is actually a fairly big time dealer and you report him to the police.

While taking the interview we don’t have the authority to disclose someone identity openly as it is against the criteria. I should rather the police indirectly about the drug gang in the area based on that the police can identity the gang.

You are a researcher looking at the effect of violent computer games on children.  You recruit 20 children into your study. Over a month you regularly show them images of violence to see if it has an adverse effect on their behaviour.  One of the children becomes quite distressed each time and so you stop showing her images and drop her from the study.

The above described method is unethical to test on children. As the children are of small ages, then they should be shown good games which has the good impact on a child, which proved to be beneficial for children. It depends on our thinking and child thinking whether we or he wants to either play good games which has a long lasting good impact.

You want to research how easy it is to hack into your organisation’s computer system by persuading people to divulge login and password details.  You recruit a small team to ring up key people in the organisation and persuade them to give either their own or their boss’s details.

Hacking the data of a particular company is unethical. But on the other hand, recruiting a particular team in the company is the better way to make an employee give his/her own detail or about the company.

You are doing an initial research in area of a town where may bars and pubs are located, to estimate the level of problematic social behaviour in the area. your research is independent from the police, because you want to observe their behaviour as well. You observe both abusive and violent behaviour.

This is a very risky condition for a person in case if the situation gets violent. In order to do the research, one should inform and take the daily buyers or purchasers of the pubs and bars and take them along in order to observe their behaviour as it is proved to be the safe side. This proved to be ethical.

A peer review about other person area of interest


In this blog, we have to discuss about other person area of interest. Everyone has their own way of thinking and describing and writing about their views. After reading the blogs of all my classmates I would like to describe about the area of interest of Mahesh.


Mahesh has very nicely described about Virtual Reality. He descirbed that now this technology has been used in almost every field like gaming, medical and education.Virtual reality is the technology in which one can convince the human brain to imagine and experience everything and anything.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the technology which make someone to feel that they are in the same environment in which they are imagining. Like nowadays, there are many games like racing games. They are made in such a way that by playing them, one automatically feels that they are in the same game environment. This is basically virtual reality thst makes someone to feel that even being in the normal environment, one imagines that they are in the other environment.


In this blog we have to write about other blogs which we find it useful. I have read many blogs and after reading the rest of the blogs of my friends I found that Sinhara has a good talent of writing and describing his work and thoughts. He has gained a lot of experience in his field. He has very clearly described about his blogs. If someone want to gain knowledge about networking concepts then one should take help from him.

Jasvir has a good way of attempting blogs, he always tries to attempt his blogs to the fullest and Arjun is also good in describing and depicting the blogs and moulding them in a better and attractive way by giving them a new look.

If I talk about the blog that I feel more interested is Aline blogs. Her way of attempting the blog is so good. Her level of thinking is very high. She has a great interest in the research field. If anybody want to know about Research Methods then he can take help from Aline. She has a deep understanding about research area.

At the end, I want to conclude that I think that I am effective and good enough to say something about others blogs. I can only say that my each and every friend does there work to the fullest and everyone has their own way of describing their views. So I want to say that everybody is doing a great job.Well done to all.

Blog That I like

This is the blog in which we have to identify the blog that you like out of all the blogs posted by my classmates. So, I picked up the blog of my friend Mahesh based upon the title “Secondary Research”.

First of all, I would like to discuss what is secondary research. Basically, secondary research is the research in which we analyze the outputs or conclusions made by doing the previous studies and apply the results to our own need and situation.

In the above venn-diagram, the comparison between primary and secondary research is clearly depicted. Primary research is our own analysis on a particular topic that means it is self conducted. Whereas secondary research is conducted by others and ot is based on the previous studies. Primary research is sometimes brought into notice to answer some research questions, on the other hand, secondary research is needed to understand the research which has previously done and completed. Primary research takes a lot of time and it’s costly whereas secondary research is cheap and can be completed in a short interval of time.

Advantages Of Secondary Research:

  1. The biggest advantage that the researchers need is that the research should be under the budget of an individual. So, it is cheap as compared to primary research.
  2. The next advantages of primary research is that it is linked to the primary research that means in case of secondary research, we can take help from the primary research also.

Disadvantages of Secondary Research:

As a coin has two sides, in the same way where secondary research has advantages then on the other side,it has some disadvantages too. Though the information is available for the secondary research with the help of primary research then also there may the problem of wrong information available to the researchers. The researchers who are doing the research on the particular topic should look after different areas of getting good and appropriate information according to their own need.

The second disadvantage is that it may not be under the budget of everyone. The next disadvantage of secondary research is that it time consuming as it takes a lot of time for research based on the primary research.

Applications of Secondary Research:

Secondary research can be used in small business companies, small business development centers, small scale industries. Secondary research can be done through libraries, educational institutions as well as from government and non-government agencies.

So, this is all about the secondary research.

Task 5: Reading Academic Paper

Title: The development of the web-based Attendance Register System(ARS) for higher academic institution: From feasibility study to the design phase

I have chosen a topic for the academic paper and trying to give the answers of the following questions asked by our mentor- Lars Dam.

  1. Did the abstract tell you the three things I said it should? If not, what did it tell you?
  2. What seems to be the research questions they were trying to answer?
  3. What methods did they use to answer the questions?
  4. How credible do you think the paper is? (hint: look at who authors are and where and when it is published also compare what they were asking with what they did)?
  5. Did you agree, or not, with what they wrote in their conclusion?Why?
  6. Briefly describe two things that you learnt from the paper?
  7. In no more than 250 of your own words(i.e. a paraphrase), describe what the paper is about-you could start with “This paper describes….”
  1. In this blog, author is talking about attendance register system. The analysis of the attendance is done in a University in Malaysia. The record of the attendance of students is done using the more advanced method by using the advanced web applications such as MySQL and Java.
  2. In this article,the new practice is to be implemented in the University of Malaysia to be the record secure and have all the data and to keep the academic records of the students.
  3. They have chosen manyy types of methods to explain and maintain the records clearly such as SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), flow chart and table chart to illustrate the records and comparisons more clearly.

4. As I think, this article is credible in development new and advanced technology which is implemented in order to keep the academic records safe. It has three authors and published on October 2009. It contains 12 references at the end.

5. I totally agree with the conclusion based on the analysis and results as their is a ever increasing need to keep the records updated on the daily basis and to keep it secure. As paper work could not be always right asit may contain errors. The biggest advantage of updating the record on the Internet is that it is secure and each and every student and teacher has the authority to access it and see their attendance.

6. and 7.

I have learnt that the use of papers may cause risk of loosing the records. Moreover, we have seen that in many universities there is the system in which there is a criteria of the attendance that if a student have the attendance below the criteria, then he/she is not applicable to give the exam. So, teachers have to spend a lot of time to calculate the attendance of the students. So, in this online attendance system, one can get their attendance calculated in a short period of time and may not contain errors. Moreover, data is secure and the percentage of getting errors is less.


Othman, M., Ismail, S. N., & Raus, M. I. M. (2009). The development of the web-based Attendance Register System (ARS) for higher academic institution: From feasibility study to the design phase. International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security9(10), 203-208.

Here are some references that were given from where I take this topic:

1. Marr, Liz & Lancaster, Guy, “Attendance System”, Learning and Teaching in Action, 4 (1), pp. 21-26, 2005.

2. Mazza, R. & Dimitrova, V., “Visualising student tracking data to support instructors in web-based distance education”, Proceedings of the 13th International World Wide Web Conference on Alternate Track Papers & Posters Press, pp.154-161, New York: USA, 2004.

3. O’Brien, James A., “Introduction to Information Systems: Essentials for the e-Business Enterprise”, Mc Graw Hill, New York, 2003.

4. Shelly, G.B., Cashman, T.J., & Rosenblatt, H.J. (2001), “System Analysis and Design”, 4th edition, Thompson Course Technology, New York, 2001.


Narcissistic Exercise: This is my look into myself exercise done in class.

What interests me about IT and what doesn’t.My area of interest is in Network Security and network management. I am not interested in Programming section.

The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is ….I have enjoyed the most in Network Management as it is related to my area of interest.

The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is…..I don’t like programming section in IT .

The IT area/subject I was most interested in is……I am mostly interested in Network Management which includes setting up DHCP, Domain Controller, Cluster failover and group policy.

The one IT thing I never want to have to do again is…………..I would never want to do Programming again.

I chose to study IT because I  …….I chose IT as I am interested in Network Management and setting up LAN connections and linking servers and clients.

If I couldn’t study IT I would study………..If I couldn’t studied IT then I might be doing Business Management.

When I was a kid I wanted to be………………..As a kid I always wanted to be a good teacher.
One IT thing I would like to know more about is   ……..I want to gain more knowledge about networking concepts.



Case study is basically the in-depth knowledge and careful analysis of any person, of an organization. It is basically having and looking for the deep knowledge about a particular event or thing.

This is not about having the knowledge about a specific thing in breadth but it is about getting a deep knowledge about a particular concept.

Case study lays stress on the full understanding or we can say that it lays empasis on full fledge investigation about a particular concept.


Case study comprises the in-detail study from where we gathered all the data and what are or may be the different possible sources of obtaining knowledge. The sources could include different steps there may be considered such as face-to-face interviews, the first observation while meeting someone, by analyzing the surveys and also by looking at the documents and reviews that we get as an ouput or result.

After obtaining the required information, there are different things to analyze like who get the information, how did one get the information,its sources and analyze it and depending on that what will be the desired output which comes from the information we get.

We have mentioned few steps which are involved in the case study which are as follows:


2. Information about the circumstances when the case began

3. Tasks

4. Output

5. Barrier or difficulties while doing the research

6. Surveys

7. Different opinions of different people

8. Sessions


A cases study enables the researchers and trainee or a beginner to solve the problems or difficulties or the barriers while undergoing through a specific or a particular case study. This also helps the students in providing the best possible outcome for the case study.

There are some steps which need to definitely be included in the case study analysis:

1. To look at the principal and precise fact arounds which the whole case moves

2. To view the main issue of concern

3. To find out the substitute path for activity

4. To access each channel for action

5. To endorse the best way of action

How can a case study be useful in IT industry?

If we want to design a case study, firstly we need to design and plan that how you are going to describe case study and the most important aspect is to get all the correct and relevant data which is best suited for the case study. But there is no strict rule which illustrates that the collected data need to be that much accurate and precise. Case study actually work in the real world that means that it is a real world entity.


  1. Able to get the in-depth knowledge about the case study
  2. Restore new research
  3. It simplifies difficult tasks
  4. It helps in developing the vocabulary and ability to tolerate
  5. Gives new and latest up-to-date information


  1. Case study takes a lot of time to gather the information
  2. There might be sometimes the chances of errors and barriers where you could stuck
  3. Study cannot be replicated in all the cases
  4. All researchers or people might have different opinions and different views on the same topic


  5. Chris Flipp
  6. Bosch India


What is a research paradigm?

A paradigm can be thought as a theory or a group of ideas about how something can be done, and how it should be made or thought. It is also an approach of how a problem could be solved and may be the practice or finding that leads to a particular solution of a problem. It is the beliefs that are held by a group of people.

EPISTEMOLOGY: The word epistemology is the combination of two words that are episteme that means knowledge and logia that means study. So, it means the study of knowledge. It can be thought of as a concept in which knowledge is justified and one can justify the claim in which a person beleives. In this concept, belief should be justified by using evidence that must be reasonable and logical.

POSITIVISM: It is a phenomenon in which knowledge is obtained through direct observation and in which knowledge is justified. Positivism can also be considered as a reality and reality is real, that means truth and truth is universal that don’t need evidence or proof but we can’t direct access the truth or belief. We can approximate the proportion of truth.

INTERPRETIVISM: Interpretivism is the scientific approach which depends on individual thinking. As each and every individual person has it’s own belief so there might be different opinions of a person on a specific topic. Every single person has the ability to think differently on the same topic.

ANTI-POSITIVISM: It is the humanistic approach which don’t need any proof or evidence to prove. It is opposite to positivism. It lays stress on one’s moral and cultural approach. It includes conversation and open-ended interviews.

REALISM: Realism can be considered as the approach which is real, true and valid and universal adapted. It is the concept which exists in reality.

NOMINALISM: Nominalism is defined as the state that is has its own reality and is not even based on what is the real truth or reality.

Evidence About Computational Thinking and Virtualization Technology

Computational Thinking

  1. Journal:


Search Key Item: journals regarding computational thinking

Found It From: Google Scholar

Created By: Valerie J.Shute

Published On: November 2017

Type: Article

Credibility Check: Article is cited by 79 people. Published in ScienceDirect website.

2. Blog:


Search Key Item: blogs about computational thinking

Found It From: Google Search

Created By: (Cuny, Snyder, Wing, 2010)

Published On: April 29,2019

Type: Blog

Credibility Check: It has around 6,305 followers. A very good and clear description about computational thinking.

3. Video:


Search Key Item: videos regarding computational thinking

Found It From: YouTube

Created By: Paxton/Patterson

Published On: May 9, 2018

Type: YouTube video

Credibility Check: The video has around 22,447 views and likes. The concept of computational thinking is clearly elaborated.

Virtualization Technology

  1. Journal:


Search Key Item: journals regarding virtualization technology

Found It From: Google Scholar

Created By: Jiyeon Kim

Published On: 16 March 2010

Type: Article

Credibility Check: It has around 110 viewers and gives very nice clarification about the concept.

2. Blog:


Search Key Item: blogs about virtualization technology

Found It From: google search

Created By: Marie Gassee

Published On: June 24, 2010

Type: Blog

Credibility Check: It provides information about how virtualization works in a small business company.

3. Video:


Search Key Item: virtualization technology

Found It From:YouTube

Created By: Eli the Computer Guy

Published On: Published on Feb 4, 2012

Type: YouTube video

Credibility Check: It has 800,249 viewers and virtualization is explained in detail. The clarification is very nicely explained.