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You find some good images on the web that would look good on your site. You copy and paste them to your blog.

In my point of view, if we find someone good on any site then we should not copy and paste those contents which donot have copyright and which are not open to public. That would be unethical. If someone want to copy then one should mention the copyright source properly from the website which has access to all. That would be ethical.

You are in a hurry to finish an assignment and you find the perfect explanation of a difficult concept on wikipedia. You decide to copy it into your work.

I think wikipedia is not a perfect destination to look into to find a useful and correct information. Anybody can upload and edit the content in wikipedia. Even if we are in a hurry we should do the things and attempts that would not push anybody in trouble. If we want to search for any useful and credible content then I would prefer that google scholar is the best way.

You are a medical researcher and you think you have discovered a new drug that cures lung cancer.  It worked well on mice although a few of them died of heart problems. You want to test it on people.  You recruit 100 lung cancer patients into your treatment programme. You don’t tell them about the new drug.  You treat 50 patients with usual drugs and 50 with the new drug to see which is better.

As it is mentioned that the drug did not worked well then how can we treat it on patients without the consultation of a well-renowned doctor and without telling the patient about it. But in some cases we can use these drug if a person is in sinking situation in which a person is not responding to any medicine, then in that stage it can help a person to get out of that stage.

You are doing your PhD about drug abuse among students.  You interview 30 students about their drug use. You discover that one of the students is actually a fairly big time dealer and you report him to the police.

While taking the interview we don’t have the authority to disclose someone identity openly as it is against the criteria. I should rather the police indirectly about the drug gang in the area based on that the police can identity the gang.

You are a researcher looking at the effect of violent computer games on children.  You recruit 20 children into your study. Over a month you regularly show them images of violence to see if it has an adverse effect on their behaviour.  One of the children becomes quite distressed each time and so you stop showing her images and drop her from the study.

The above described method is unethical to test on children. As the children are of small ages, then they should be shown good games which has the good impact on a child, which proved to be beneficial for children. It depends on our thinking and child thinking whether we or he wants to either play good games which has a long lasting good impact.

You want to research how easy it is to hack into your organisation’s computer system by persuading people to divulge login and password details.  You recruit a small team to ring up key people in the organisation and persuade them to give either their own or their boss’s details.

Hacking the data of a particular company is unethical. But on the other hand, recruiting a particular team in the company is the better way to make an employee give his/her own detail or about the company.

You are doing an initial research in area of a town where may bars and pubs are located, to estimate the level of problematic social behaviour in the area. your research is independent from the police, because you want to observe their behaviour as well. You observe both abusive and violent behaviour.

This is a very risky condition for a person in case if the situation gets violent. In order to do the research, one should inform and take the daily buyers or purchasers of the pubs and bars and take them along in order to observe their behaviour as it is proved to be the safe side. This proved to be ethical.


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