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In this blog we have to write about other blogs which we find it useful. I have read many blogs and after reading the rest of the blogs of my friends I found that Sinhara has a good talent of writing and describing his work and thoughts. He has gained a lot of experience in his field. He has very clearly described about his blogs. If someone want to gain knowledge about networking concepts then one should take help from him.

Jasvir has a good way of attempting blogs, he always tries to attempt his blogs to the fullest and Arjun is also good in describing and depicting the blogs and moulding them in a better and attractive way by giving them a new look.

If I talk about the blog that I feel more interested is Aline blogs. Her way of attempting the blog is so good. Her level of thinking is very high. She has a great interest in the research field. If anybody want to know about Research Methods then he can take help from Aline. She has a deep understanding about research area.

At the end, I want to conclude that I think that I am effective and good enough to say something about others blogs. I can only say that my each and every friend does there work to the fullest and everyone has their own way of describing their views. So I want to say that everybody is doing a great job.Well done to all.


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