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A peer review about other person area of interest


In this blog, we have to discuss about other person area of interest. Everyone has their own way of thinking and describing and writing about their views. After reading the blogs of all my classmates I would like to describe about the area of interest of Mahesh.


Mahesh has very nicely described about Virtual Reality. He descirbed that now this technology has been used in almost every field like gaming, medical and education.Virtual reality is the technology in which one can convince the human brain to imagine and experience everything and anything.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the technology which make someone to feel that they are in the same environment in which they are imagining. Like nowadays, there are many games like racing games. They are made in such a way that by playing them, one automatically feels that they are in the same game environment. This is basically virtual reality thst makes someone to feel that even being in the normal environment, one imagines that they are in the other environment.


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