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Narcissistic Exercise: This is my look into myself exercise done in class.

What interests me about IT and what doesn’t.My area of interest is in Network Security and network management. I am not interested in Programming section.

The IT area/subject I have most enjoyed is ….I have enjoyed the most in Network Management as it is related to my area of interest.

The IT area/subject I least enjoyed is…..I don’t like programming section in IT .

The IT area/subject I was most interested in is……I am mostly interested in Network Management which includes setting up DHCP, Domain Controller, Cluster failover and group policy.

The one IT thing I never want to have to do again is…………..I would never want to do Programming again.

I chose to study IT because I  …….I chose IT as I am interested in Network Management and setting up LAN connections and linking servers and clients.

If I couldn’t study IT I would study………..If I couldn’t studied IT then I might be doing Business Management.

When I was a kid I wanted to be………………..As a kid I always wanted to be a good teacher.
One IT thing I would like to know more about is   ……..I want to gain more knowledge about networking concepts.


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