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This is the blog in which we have to identify the blog that you like out of all the blogs posted by my classmates. So, I picked up the blog of my friend Mahesh based upon the title “Secondary Research”.

First of all, I would like to discuss what is secondary research. Basically, secondary research is the research in which we analyze the outputs or conclusions made by doing the previous studies and apply the results to our own need and situation.

In the above venn-diagram, the comparison between primary and secondary research is clearly depicted. Primary research is our own analysis on a particular topic that means it is self conducted. Whereas secondary research is conducted by others and ot is based on the previous studies. Primary research is sometimes brought into notice to answer some research questions, on the other hand, secondary research is needed to understand the research which has previously done and completed. Primary research takes a lot of time and it’s costly whereas secondary research is cheap and can be completed in a short interval of time.

Advantages Of Secondary Research:

  1. The biggest advantage that the researchers need is that the research should be under the budget of an individual. So, it is cheap as compared to primary research.
  2. The next advantages of primary research is that it is linked to the primary research that means in case of secondary research, we can take help from the primary research also.

Disadvantages of Secondary Research:

As a coin has two sides, in the same way where secondary research has advantages then on the other side,it has some disadvantages too. Though the information is available for the secondary research with the help of primary research then also there may the problem of wrong information available to the researchers. The researchers who are doing the research on the particular topic should look after different areas of getting good and appropriate information according to their own need.

The second disadvantage is that it may not be under the budget of everyone. The next disadvantage of secondary research is that it time consuming as it takes a lot of time for research based on the primary research.

Applications of Secondary Research:

Secondary research can be used in small business companies, small business development centers, small scale industries. Secondary research can be done through libraries, educational institutions as well as from government and non-government agencies.

So, this is all about the secondary research.


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