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What is Ontology? How is it relevant to research?

Ontology is generally defined as the study of being real that means it is study related to reality which exists around the surrounding environment and which surrounds us. It is the foundation for the entire meta physical systems. It is the study of being nature of human existence. Ontology is dealt with the ultimate nature of the universe. The study of ontology describes that whatever exists all around is real.

If we talk about research then Ontology then we can say anything is real without further experiments or in detail investigations. Before getting into the conclusion we have to first analyze about anything, it might be testing the reality. It involves all the things that comprises the reality.

What is Epistemology? How is it relevant to research?

Epistemology is the study of getting knowledge with perfect reasoning. If we talk about epistemology in detail then it generally means that it the study which suggests what conditions are involved to know about a particular statement. Knowledge is defined as, what is justified, true and valid. Like if you want to believe in something then you must ensure that it is true and should have the valid justification for that.

Epistemology in research gives the information about the valid reasons for the things which comes into existence.

What is the connection between Ontology and Epistemology in the research context?

Ontology and Epistemology are the two different terms but they are interlinked with each other as Ontology is the study which deals with the existence of reality or it is the nature which exists all around us whereas Epistemology is the study which deals which the reasons and justification of what really exists or how it comes into consideration or comes into the ultimate reality. Epistemology includes the reasons or steps involved in reaching the ultimate goal.


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